New Delhi, July 16: A disturbing video surfaced on social media which showed a dog feeding upon the dead body of a newborn in the premises of a Government hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The video made by a witness showed a dog mauling the body of the newborn, while onlookers tried chasing the dog and recovering the body. Reported from Indore’s Maharaja Yashwantrao (MY) Hospital, a similar incident was reported from the same premise in January this year where the mauled body of a newborn girl child was found.

The body of the newborn, estimated to be just one-day old, was chewed upon by one dog initially. According to a report, hospital workers spotted the dog first with the body of the newborn and tried chasing it away, but failed as the dog ran away. The dog, as the video shows, fed upon the newborn in the MY Hospital garden. While people tried intervening and informed the guard to open the gates of the garden which was locked.

As they could not get the gate opened, a few onlookers reportedly entered the garden by crossing over the walls of the garden. The onlookers also reportedly spotted another dog feeding upon the same body. Reportedly, when finally people chased the dogs away, the body of the newborn was already brutally damaged. The body of the new born has been reportedly sent for postmortem.

Dog Mauling the dead body of a newborn in Indore MY Hospital (Credits: Indore Patrika TV)

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic images which some viewers might find disturbing. Viewers’ discretion is advised.

As this is not an isolated case of such brutality, and there have been similar incidents reported from several government hospitals in Madhya Pradesh, it raises serious questions about the implementation of sanitary methods for burial or other proper methods for dead bodies in these hospitals.

In March, the body of a missing 70 year old woman was found gruesomely mauled by dogs in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district. MY Hospital, which is reportedly the largest government hospital in the state has been news several times for such nuisance by stray dogs. While in January, the dead body of another newborn was mauled by dogs in the MY hospital premise, in June 2016, a stillborn was carried away by dogs from its Burns Unit.