New Delhi, April 11: Delhi University students union along with hundreds of students submitted a memorandum to the Dean Student Welfare (DSW) demanding immediate termination of Ramesh Chandra, Professor and Head of Department (HOD), Chemistry, who allegedly abused a student. This was not the first allegation against the professor. A teacher of the same department allegedly filed a complaint against the professor in December last year.

In her complaint, the student alleged that the professor was using her position to pressurise her and threatened to ruin her career.

“He asked me to meet him at his lab and when I reached there he asked everyone one to leave. Then he touched on my shoulder and when I resisted he tried to pressurize me that I can ruin your academic career. Soon after the incident, I applied for the change of section but he became Head of the Department and since then he used his position to pressurize me. My career is in his hands and I am really very scared and do not know what to do” she had said in her complaint.

Scores of students from different colleges of DU held a protest with DUSU against the professor in front of the Chemistry Department at North Campus on Wednesday.

The complaint filed by the teacher and the student is still pending in the sexual harassment panel of the university for the last three months. “There have been several incidents of sexual harassment by the hands of the University professors that we have come across. But so far, no speedy inquiry or strict actions have been initiated against the alleged from the Varsity’s end”, reads the memorandum submitted to DSW by the Mahamedha Nagar, Secretary, DUSU.

Further, it reads, “Such professors in the varsity should be expelled from their position and from all his duties and work in the university”.

The agitating student further demanded a proper mechanism to deal with complaints of sexual harassment.

However, a university source on condition of anonymity said, “Such cases take time in hearings and collecting evidence. In such cases, we do all the hearing, collect evidence and after the final hearing, we forward it to the Academic Council and Executive Council, who decided on what punishment should be given to the accused.”