New Delhi, Sep 13: The votes of Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections 2017 will be counted today and the result is expected by today afternoon. According to reports, the counting of the DUSU elections will be held today from 8.30 AM. The DUSU election on September 12 recorded a voter turnout of 43 per cent. In last few years, DU recorded a little over 33 per cent voting.

“The morning colleges of the varsity recorded voter turnout of 45.3 percentage. The consolidated figure will be revealed after the final tally,” SB Babbar, DUSU Chief Election Officer, told PTI. He later added that the final tally of the elections was 43 per cent.

DUSU Elections 2017:

18:15 PM: Winners of DUSU Elections met with Congress President Sonia Gandhi, supporters congratulate winners.


17:28 PM:


17:20 PM: Deepender Hooda of Congress says, ‘Had won 3 seats but recounting of votes shows ABVP’s unconstitutional face. Will go to judiciary.’


16:46 PM As per reports, the NSUI is moving HC asking for a stay on the secretary and joint secretary post.


16:10 PM Winning NSUI candidates will  meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi at 5.30 pm today. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

15:30 PM Recounting is taking place for the election result of Joint Secretary post.

15:07 PM According to the reports, NSUI has demanded DU administration to recount the votes for Joint Secretary post.

15:02 PM Recounting for the joint secretary and secretary posts have taken place and now the joint secretary post has been taken by ABVP candidate Uma Shankar. NSUI has claimed that the RSS has been presurring the DU administration to manipulate the results.

NSUI candidate Rocky Tuseed has won the post of President, Kunal Sehrawat has taken the Vice President post, and Avinash Yadav has swept the Joint Secretary post in DUSU elections 2017. ABVP candidate Mahamedhaa Nagar has become the Secretary of Delhi University Students Union (DUSU).

14:23 PM Finally this victory belongs to every NSUI activist who has worked tirelessly in DU, especially our mentors: NSUI

14:21 PM Read: NSUI Mauls ABVP in DUSU Elections, Grabs Three Posts

14:17 PM Also this mandate shows that students throughout the country have rejected the poisonous & divisive ideology of RSS: NSUI after winning three out of four posts in DUSU Elections 2017.

14:15 PM This mandate is a clear indication that student fraternity have restored their faith in INC India and our beloved leader Rahul Gandhi: NSUI

14:02 PM Indian National Congress (INC) affiliated NSUI candidate Rocky Tuseed (9) has won the post of President, Kunal Sehrawat (3) has taken the Vice President post, and Avinash Yadav (2) has swept the Joint Secretary post in DUSU elections 2017.

13:56 PM Congress affiliated NSUI has won three seats out of four in the DUSU Elections 2017. NSUI candidates have been elected to the posts of President, Vice President and Joint Secretary whereas ABVP candidate has taken the Secretary post.

13:50 PM Indian National Congress-led NSUI’s candidate Rocky Tuseed has won the post of President and ABVP’s Mahamedhaa Nagar has swept of the Secretary post.

13:43 PM According to the latest reports, NSUI is now leading on all four seats.

13:33 PM NSUI members have started celebrating ahead of the declaration of DUSU election results. NSUI is currently leading on two seats whereas ABVP is leading on the posts of Vice President, Secretary.

13:15 PM The last time NSUI won the DUSU elections 2017 was in 2007. In 2012, it had won three out of four seats.

13:11 PM 13 rounds have been counted. Three more rounds of vote counting is left. Results are expected to declare in an hour. Counting for DUSU Election 2017 is being done in 16 rounds

13:00 PM NSUI is now leading in three seats and ABVP is leading in the Secretary post. NSUI members have already started celebrating in the NSUI camp. Counting is underway and results are expected anytime soon.

12:02 PM Although ABVP is leading in all four seats in the DUSU elections 2017, reports have it that the contest is close between ABVP and NSUI for the Presidential post.

11:29 AM Third round of counting is underway in DUSU Elections 2017. The results are expected to be declared soon.

11:15 AM: The ABVP has secured a lead on all four seats after the initial rounds of counting.

10: 45 AM: The counting of votes is underway for the students’ union election results of the Delhi University. Will the ABVP get the 5th consecutive win? Stay connected with us to know.

10:06 AM Indian National Congress (INC) affiliated NSUI fielded Rocky Tuseed (9) for President, Kunal Sehrawat (3) for Vice President, Minakshi Meena (4) for Secretary, and Avinash Yadav (2) for Joint Secretary.

10:04 AM RSS’s ABVP fielded Rajjat Chaudhary (8) as their Presidential candidate,  Parth Rana (5) as vice presidential candidate, Mahamedhaa Nagar (3) for Secretary, and Uma Shankar (4) as Joint Secretary.

10:00 AM There are a total of 24 Presidential candidates in the DUSU Elections 2017. 10 Vice-Presidential candidates; 5 Secretary candidates; and 5 Joint Secretary candidates.

9:46 AM RSS affiliated ABVP fielded Motilal Nehru College’s Rajat Choudhary as its presidential candidate, Paarth Rana for the vice president post, Mahamedhaa Nagar and Uma Shankar will contest for the posts of secretary and joint secretary respectively.

9:44 AM For the president post, NSUI had earlier fielded Rocky Tuseed but later fielded Alka from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College after his nomination was rejected.

9:40 AM NSUI has fielded Kunal Sehrawat for the post of vice-president, Meenakshi Meena for secretary and Avinash Yadav for joint secretary.

9:34 AM The stakes in DUSU elections 2017 are high for Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). Other contenders in the fray are National Students Union of India (NSUI), Students Federation of India (SFI) and All India Students’ Association (AISA).

8:15 AM The counting of the votes will begin at 8:30 AM.

7:27 AM In Shri Ram College of Commerce and Rajdhani College, 58 per cent polling was recorded. 53 per cent and 40 per cent were recorded in ARSD College and Deshbandhu College, respectively.

7:25 AM 65 per cent voting was recorded in Hindu College and according to an IANS report, a little over 50 per cent was recorded in Ramjas College.

7:19 AM Chief Election Officer S.B. Babbar told IANS that voting percentage in 32 institutions was 44 per cent.

7:10 AM The results of DUSU Elections 2017 are expected by today afternoon. Th counting of the votes will begin from 8:30 AM.

According to the professors who had been tracking the DUSU elections 2017, colleges far under the central varsity recorded a poor turnout. The colleges near or in the campus recorded a relatively higher voter turnout, PTI reported.

In 2016, ABVP’s candidates were elected to the posts of president, vice president, and secretary, while NSUI’s candidate became the joint secretary. For the first time, Delhi University had introduced NOTA. In the college union elections, which were held simultaneously with the DUSU elections, Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) won all the posts in Laxmi Bai College, Vivekananda College, and Shri Venkateshwara College. ABVP also won two positions in SGTB Khalsa College, Zakir Hussain College (Morning) among others.

The results of DUSU elections 2017 are being declared after the Delhi University was given a go-ahead to declare the results by the Delhi High Court. The order after Delhi University sought modification of a September 8 interim order in which it had allowed NSUI’s presidential candidate Rocky Tuseed to contest the election but directed the varsity not to announce the results for the post of president. However, the varsity argued that partial results cannot be declared as voting was conducted through the electronic voting machine (EVM). Stay with us for the live news updates of DUSU elections 2017.

With inputs from PTI.