Bhopal, July 17: The Satna railway station witnessed a dramatic incident on Monday where a train carrying goods ran over an elderly man for three minutes, where he laid on his back on the track. Eventually, he did not suffer any injury.

According to reports, an elderly man named Radheshyam, a resident of Jawahar Nagar, Satna from Madhya Pradesh was seen trying to cross the track between two platforms by crawling under the goods train to reach on platform number 1. When he reached in the middle of the track, the train started moving.  He immediately laid down with his legs parallel to the track as the train rumbled on for three minutes. Soon after the train passed the eye witnesses rushed to help him but found him safe.

Many people those who were waiting at the Satna station started to shoot this incident in their mobile phones as it was nothing less than a miracle. The video clip withing few minutes went viral all over on the social media.

It was quite a bizarre incident for the people who were around, they even said it was a horrific incident. While speaking to media, traumatised  Raadheshyam said, “He is alive with God’s grace.” He confessed that he didn’t know what happened to him and how he came under the train.

The crossing of railway tracks leads to death and government have come up with many drives to desist people from crossing the railway tracks.

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a total of 2,547 railway crossing accidents led to 2,575 deaths and 126 injuries across the country in 2014. The railways crossing accidents have increased by 83.5%  compared to 2013.

Telangana had an unusually large number of railway crossing accidents with 1,061 or 41.65% incidents being reported from the state.

The highest number of casualties due to railway track crossing is recorded in Mumbai, where the majority of the population uses the local trains for daily commutation.