New Delhi, May 20: Ruling out EVM tampering to turn the result in a party’s favour during elections, the Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said that there is no Trojan horse that can tamper with their Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has. “Results cannot be altered by activating a Trojan Horse through a sequence of key presses,” said Nasim Zaidi. Addressing a press conference after the EVM demonstration by the EC, CEC of the EC Zaidi said, “ECI is confident and has firm conviction about the integrity, non-tamperability and credibility of the EVMs. ECI-EVMs are not hackable; are stand-alone machines; not connected to internet or any network at any point of time during polling.”

Talking about the tampering of the EVMs at the manufacturing level, Zaidi said that the ECI ruled it out as there is very stringent security protocol regarding the security of software. “ECI-EVMs cannot be physically tampered with nor their components be changed without anyone noticing,” said Zaidi.

Zaidi also mentioned the countries that have reportedly stopped using EVMs due to the the same issue. Zaidi said that the EVMs that the Election Commission uses are far better than the EVMs that are used by India. “ECI EVMs are fully different from any of the EVMs used internationally either for direct recording or for internet voting. Indian EVMs are truly unique compared to the e-voting machines used in other parts of the world,” said Zaidi.

“The EVMs that are used by other countries such as Germany, The Netherlands are totally different from ours. The voting data in those countries are transferred through CDs. In India, the voting data stays in the EVMs and a full end-to-end is security is provided to the voting machines such as multi-level security, CCTVs etc,” informed Zaidi.

Zaidi also said that the EVM hackathon will be conducted from June 3 onward and representatives of the political parties will be invited to test the Election Commission EVMs. EVM challenge will be held at Nirvachan Sadan headquarters.

Zaidi also released two challenges before the political parties. In both the challenge, the claimants will have to “alter the results of the control units used during these polls (before/during the poll day and after the polls of General elections 2017 to five states) in exactly the same scenario as the EVMs remain within the technical and administrative safeguards of ECI after the poll”.

With growing controversy over the reliability of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), the Election Commission of India (ECI) held a live demonstration of the EVMs and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail System (VVPATs) that are attached to the machine to generate slips of the parties a voter has voted for.