Lucknow, July 14: In what can be called as a major security lapse, explosive was recovered from under the seat of a Samajwadi Party MLA’s in Uttar Pradesh Assembly in Lucknow. The suspicious white powder named as PETN or Pentaerythritol tetranitrate was seized on July 12 as a result of which Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has called an emergency meeting at 10.30 am on Friday.

Speaking at the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, Yogi Adityanath condemned the recovery of the PETN on July 12 from premises. He also demanded NIA probe into the whole incident. Assuring strict action against whosoever is responsible for the whole incident, Adityanath issued various security guidelines as per which MLAs are advised not to bring mobile phones in the Assembly. He also said that the bags of the MLAs must be kept outside the Assembly.

Meanwhile, Speaker Hridya Narayan Dikshit said that a Quick Response Team will be deployed at six points in the Assembly and full body scanners will also be installed.

Noteworthy, PETN is one of the most powerful explosive materials known. According to sources, the explosive was found wrapped in a plastic bag and was recovered placed under an MLAs seat.

Meanwhile, the incident has raised several questions on the security arrangement at the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. Meanwhile, a probe has been launched in the matter by the security officials and more details on the same are awaited.