New Delhi, April 15: Cambridge Analytica, an IT service management company which had harvested the Facebook data of 87 million users without their knowledge, has left users of Facebook baffled all across the globe. While some are thinking of quitting the social media app altogether, others are figuring ways to minimize the loss of their personal data. For those of you who do not wish to quit Facebook but may want to protect your information and guard your privacy, there are five major things you need to take care of.

5 things you must stop sharing/delete from your Facebook page if you want to guard your privacy:

  1. De-link third party apps from your Facebook page: Scroll to the bottom of your FB page to the “Apps, Websites and Plugins” square, click on edit and turn off all third-party Application Programming Interface (API) access. Apparently, Facebook monitors your activity by the kind of apps an individual uses and promotes targeted advertising through this.
  2. Turn off your location services: By using this feature, you are giving direct information to Facebook as well as other apps which downloads your data through Facebook. With your location services on, you are prone to give insights from your daily routine which places you at a vulnerable position.
  3. Delete your personal information: One must delete their personal information such as, their birthday, their mobile number, pictures of their boarding pass, pictures of their family and close knit people to prevent the misuse of their data.
  4. Limit sharing settings: Instead of keeping your posts open to public, one must rather keep it to ‘Friends only’ and turn on the review tags option for maintaining their privacy.
  5. Limit the number of friends, delete unknown: It is best to keep a healthy number of friends with whom you interact from time to time. In order to maintain one’s privacy better, delete the unknown set of friends you’ve ever added Only keep reliable and trustworthy people on your list.