New Delhi, November 11: A farmer in Haryana has alleged that world’s largest fertiliser cooperative society, the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), has cheated him. The farmer alleged that he had bought an IFFCO certified 50 kg urea bag but when he later checked the weight it was found that the bag had only 42 kgs of fertiliser. But IFFCO rubbished the allegations and said the claims made by the farmer were fishy.

The farmer identified as Magan Bhanu Bhai Gondalia claimed to have purchased the fertiliser (Invoice: 1085) on Tuesday. Moments after Magan reached his storehouse and checked the weight, he found it eight kgs less than what was printed on the bag.

People on social media started questioning the government and IFFCO, and termed this as a scam. Some also trolled Dr Udai Shankar Awasthi, the managing director of IFFCO. Awasthi clarified and countered the farmer’s allegations.

“The bag of IFFCO is packed and sealed with green thread and the man posing with 42 kg bag on social media seems to have sealed it with white thread. So in this case it is quite clear that the bag was opened by someone after it was measured and packed at the organisations headquarter,” Dr Awasthi tweeted.

Union Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Ananth Kumar called for a high-level investigation on a priority basis.

Read full statement issued by IFFCO:

Over the past fifty years, IFFCO has flown across the world voice of co-operative power of farmers. In past 50-years the relationship between general farmers and affiliation with cooperative society have increased approximately 1,000 times which is the result of binding the deep trust between cooperatives.

It is a matter of pride that farmers and cooperative union are part of IFFCO and therefore IFFCO products attempt here to solve minor problems in reaching customer farmers treat their personal responsibility. Recently we went to found our colleague was given an IFFCO fertiliser bag which broke somewhere between the warehouse and shop, which led to the leakage of urea. As a result, the customer who took the fertiliser bag received about 42 kg of urea instead of 50 kg.

IFFCO across the country has gained credibility and it has been possible to continue awareness of quality.

Since last 50-years there are no instances when customers have received the product with issues related to packaging and weight. IFFCO is committed to delivering to customers to compensate the moral responsibility for the incident and assure that no such incident occurs in near future.