Lucknow, March 20: A day after taking oath as the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath on Monday directed the party workers and state machinery to fulfill the promises of BJP’s Sankalp Patra. Yogi Adityanath has a good track record in his constituency, however, governing the state of the size of Uttar Pradesh with low social and economic indices, is a difficult task.

Yogi Adityanath has started to close down illegal abattoirs as promised in BJP’s manifesto. The next step may be to form Romeo squads. However, these political statements may not suffice to satisfy the development-starved populace of the state. Yogi Adityanath will have to do something concrete on the ground to justify the massive mandate his party got in the most populous state of the country.

Here are the 6 real challenges Yogi Adityanath will have to deal with

1- Law and order

On the very first day, Yogi Adityanath had to face a big challenge. BSP candidate Mohammad Shami, who had contested against Raghuraj Pratap Singh in Kunda, was gunned down in Allahabad. Yogi Adityanath went into an overdrive and called on Uttar Pradesh’s DGP. He gave strict direction to the bureaucrat to investigate the matter and nab the culprits. He told the official that law and order were the top priority for the government. Easier said than done. Yogi Adityanath has the challenge of making the UP police better trained and better equipped. The professional ethos would have to be instilled in the force. He would have to enhance police responsiveness. Modernisation drive would have to be overtaken. (Also read: Yogi Adityanath directs govt officials to implement BJP’s ‘Sankalp Patra’ in Uttar Pradesh, seeks details of properties & income tax)

2- Communal Harmony

Yogi Adityanath is known for his fiery speeches against a particular community. However, after assuming power, he said that no community would be discriminated against or targetted and that the government was committed to ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas’. However, given his persona, the biggest challenge he would receive would be from his own party cadres. He is the chief of a group known for their polarising activities. Though he has directed the motormouth leaders, not to make a comment that hurt any community, it would be a challenge to keep them silent for long.

3- Investment and job opportunities 

The BJP promised rapid development in the state. And for that development, investment sentiments would have to be upbeat. The UP CM will have to ensure that an environment conducive to investment and development is created. Job creation is another poll promise that is not easy to fullfill. Until massive industrialisation happens, sagging industries revived, no job creation would happen. With a limited administrative experience, he would have to expand his horizons and be imaginative as to attracting the investors. (Also read: BSP leader murder: UP CM Yogi Adityanath directs police to look into the matter, says law and order top priority)

4- Farmer issues 

The BJP has promised to waive off loans of the farmers in its manifesto. According to a report in Amar Ujala, 58.2% farmers are under debt. Another challenge would be to ensure that the sugarcane farmers in western Uttar Pradesh get their dues. The revision of MSP may also be needed. The government will also have to stop farmers’ suicide from happening.

5- Electricity 

A lot of charges were traded between Akhilesh Yadav and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over electricity during campaigning. The position remains grim. The state needs 25,000 megawatts daily, but can only produce 2,500 megawatts. How would Yogi Adityanath bridge the gap?

6- Infrastructure

Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav contested his elections on the plank of massive development, he claimed, was done by his government in the infrastructural sector. He talked at length about how he got the Lucknow-Agra highway and Lucknow Metro built. Yogi Adityanath would have to undertake similar projects to counter his narrative. More roads have to be built, bridges repaired. To get fund for these projects would also be a big challenge for the mercurial leader.

Yogi Adityanath would have to prove his mettle in a short span of time as 2019 general election would be a referendum on his performance as a chief minister.