Ahmedabad, September 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday welcomed his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe in Ahmedabad where, the duo will launch the Bullet Train project on Thursday. However, India, known for being a great host, has exquisite plans for the Japanese PM and his wife. And most importantly, for being a good host, the food offered plays a large role. And hence, we journalist, having idlis for snacks, look at the dinner menu for the Abes.

PM Modi, PM Abe and his wife Akie will dine tonight at Ahmedabad’s famous Agashiye terrace restaurant, known for its splendid view and kosher Gujarati cuisine. The restaurant situated at the terrace is part of the Mangaldas heritage hotel group and offers a great view of the city’s heritage spots including the Siddi Sayeed Ni Jaali mosque, which the guests visited earlier today.

Let us look at the dinner menu of Agashiye, specially prepared to titillate the taste buds of PM Abe and his wife.

Sources claim there will be two major divisions in the menu. The Japanese PM will get taste of both Gujarati delicacy and Japanese food items. Among the first item listed in the menu is Palak Jamun which is fried milk dumplings in a gravy of spinach. Next in the list is Rasawala Bateta, which is potato in spicy Gujarati curry. Then the PMs will be served Bharela Parvar, which is basically pointed guord cooked in milk.

Next to follow, that the leaders of the nations will be served is Undhiyu, which is a dish comprising of seasonal vegetables and flour dumplings in green garlic sauce. Apart from that, they will be served, Bhinda Kadhi, Gujarati Dal, Khichdi, Steamed rice with dry fruits, Puri, Phulka Roti, and Bajri Thepla (roasted millet breads).

Among the Japanese delicacies are Katsu Curry, Ginger Soya Dafu, Eggplant Akamiso and Miso Yaki Udon.

The Menu specially designed for PM Abe and his wife
Tonight’s menu specially designed for PM Abe and his wife

If the above names are not already enough for the readers, then they can look at the following items listed under the section ‘Dessert’ to imagine what the PMs are having.

The first dessert is Saffron Jalebi, which are crisp rings of batter made with saffron and sugar. In ice-creams, there are three variants, Mango, Figs and Kesar Pista. And then there are Date balls, the item named, Petit Fours.

Apart from the above list of food, the guests will also be served selection of freshly brewed tea and coffee.