New Delhi, April 15: The Indian Air Force (IAF) along with the Indian Army Parachute Brigade conducted a battalion level air drop from its Hindon airbase as part of the Gagan Shakti Exercise 2018. This air drop had 560 paratroopers, combat vehicles and GPS guided cargo platforms. 6 C-130Ja and 7 An-32 aircraft were part of the exercise.

The complete IAF battalion was under the aerial surveillance by Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS)- a mobile, long-range radar surveillance and control centre for air defense and was further protected by a flight of SU-30 Air Superiority Fighters.

The IAF has been undertaking a whole lot of exercises under this ‘Gagan Shakti Exercise 2018’. Yesterday, the IAF engaged in an air-to-air refueling in which Sukhoi jets were refueled twice mid-air. It was refueled once on its way to Lakshadweep and once during the return flight.

Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra and The VCAS Air Marshal SB Deo, visited the Sirsa airforce station on Sunday. Both of them flew a sortie in the Sukhoi 30 MKI in a dense Network Centric Environment as part of Gagan Shakti Exercise. The IAF in a post mentioned the importance of airborne operations stating that they are a means of aerial insertion of troops, equipment or supplies directly into the battle zone.