New Delhi, Sep 16: A class 11 student of Saidpur in Ghazipur district went to his school toilet on Thursday to complete the 13th task of Blue Whale game and came out crying with a bleeding hand. The boy had carved a whale on his left hand, the reports said. School manager Soumya Prakash immediately informed the boy’s family and police about the incident.

According to reports, when the police questioned the boy, he told them that a few days back, he went to a cyber cafe and secretly started playing the Blue Whale Challenge. The boy said that on Thursday, the admin asked him to make a whale on his hand with a blade to complete a certain level of the game.

To complete the Blue Whale task, he went inside his school toilet. The admin of the game used to give him a new task every day and he had to give every detail of the task to the admin, he told the police. He also revealed that the admin told him he would kill his parents if he didn’t perform the tasks.

“They have my every single detail,” he told the police. On Thursday, he went to his school toilet to complete the task but started crying as he couldn’t bear the pain, he told the police. (ALSO READ: No Clear Signs of Rape on 12-Year-Old Survivor; Police Probe ‘Blue Whale’ Angle)

SP Somen Verma said that as soon as they were informed about Jitendra’s condition, the police counseled him considering the situation of the boy. For a better counselling, the boy has been sent to experts.

The boy had completed 13 steps of the game. Psychiatrist AK Verma said that the game psychically occupies the brain and the child feels that his world is in it. He said the player feels that task is his life’s achievement. Verma has instructed parents to keep an eye on the social media activities of their wards.