Panaji, Jan 5: The India Today-Axis opinion poll predicts BJP government in Goa Assembly election 2017. BJP Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar is predicted to lead the Goa poll.

Out of the 40 assembly seats, BJP is predicted to win 20-24 seats whereas Congress is placed on the second position is predicted to be victorious on 13-15 seats. The debutant AAP is projected on the third position with the party gaining only 2-4 seats whereas other parties are projected to win 1-4 seats.

Goa Assembly Elections 2017 – India Today Opinion Poll

  • The period of the survey was December 12-20.
  • The sample size of survey was 1,794.
  • BJP is predicted to secure 41 per cent of the votes.
  • Congress is projected to secure 33 per cent of vote share.
  • AAP is projected to secure only 8 per cent vote share.
  • Other parties vote share is predicted to be 18 per cent.
  • BJP is predicted to be victorious on 20-24 seats.
  • Congress is predicted to win 13-15 seats, as per the survey.
  • The debutant AAP is projected to emerge victorious on 2-4 seats.
  • Others might be victorious on 1-4 seats.
PartiesIndia Today- Axis opinion poll results

The Election Commission of India on wednesday released the polling schedule for the 40 seats of Goa Assembly Elections 2017. The election across all the 40 seats will be held on February 4 and the results will be announced on March 11. The BJP, AAP and Indian National Congress will be battling for the 40 seats and AAP is considered to be a major game changer and it may impact the election results.

Whereas Congress will try to gain power in the state and try to gain some political stability in the state. On the other hand BJP is also under pressure to retain power in the state. The Goa Assembly election will also set the future for the ex Chief Minister and the current Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar. Being the ex CM of the state, BJP has handed Manohar Parrikar the responsibility of making the party victorious in the upcoming elections. If Manohar Parrikar leads the party to victory in the 2017 assembly elections, the defence minister will then have a better image of himself in the centre.

However, apart from AAP and Indian National Congress, BJP will also be challenged from the newly formed Goa Suraksha Manch (GSM) by the RSS rebel Subhash Velingkar.