New Delhi, Feb 14: After drawing criticism for remarks on girls consuming liquor, Goa Chief Minister Mannohar Parrikar on Wednesday said that his statement was presented in a wrong manner by the media.

Manohar Parrikar had reportedly said that he is worried over the latest trend of girls consuming beer. “The tolerance limit is being crossed,” Parrikar has said.

Clarifying his statement, Parrikar said,  “If someone wants to purposely twist the statement, we cannot help it. It was twisted in such a way that finally the interviewer (the person who had taken the public interview of Parrikar at the event) had to intervene and tweet that I was referring to school and college students,” he told reporters in Panaji, adding that he had “not asked anyone not to drink”.

Referring to his cabinet colleague, Vijai Sardesai’s controversial remark describing domestic tourists as  “scum of the earth”, Parrikar said politicians needed to be careful while speaking on sensitive issues.

Last year,  the state government had banned drinking liquor out in public spaces. The ban was passed to stop littering on the beaches and preventing untoward incidents for the safety of  tourists, especially women . Goa has always remained the most preferred destination for both domestic and international tourists in the country. Goa’s natural beauty and bountiful avenues for leisure and relaxation is a very big draw for tourists all through the year.