New Delhi, August 13: Amid the Gorakhpur tragedy in which more than 70 children died due to shortage of oxygen supply, it was the effort of one doctor, which brought in hopes and saved several others. Dr. Kafeel Khan, a paediatrician at Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College with his efforts could gather back-up oxygen supply following which lives of several children were saved.

Dr. Kafeel Khan is the head of the encephalitis ward and a paediatrician and as per reports, it was him who drove to several private hospitals in a bid to gather as much backup as he could so that the children could be saved. A DNA report also claimed that the doctor himself paid a local supplier for the oxygen.

Reportedly on the night of August 10, as the central pipeline in the hospital premises indicated low supply of oxygen, while the hospital authorities panicked, it was Dr. Kafeel Khan who due to presence of his mind though out ways to resolve it.

As per the reports, the oxygen suppliers said they will supply cylinders only after the clearance of dues. The hospital staffers also were aware that the backup cylinders available would last only for two hours.

Dr. Khan, aware of the situation knew that uninterrupted oxygen supply is vital for the critically ill children who were suffering from encephalitis. Khan hence, reportedly, drove around private nursing homes, in a bid to find extra supply.

He also reportedly gave instructions to the junior doctors and other staff to keep pumping Ambu bags if the oxygen supply further decreased. He collected 12 oxygen cylinders in four trips to save the dying children.

Upon his return, he was informed that a local supplier was ready to supply on cash payment. He then, reportedly, paid the supplier, with his own money for more oxygen. As per the DNA report, he also paid for the transportation expenses.