New Delhi, April 20: The India government on Thursday has directed the internet service providers to block online child sexual abuse material by July 31, 2017. Last month, India’s top court, the Supreme Court, had asked senior government officials to map out a way to stop child pornographic material from getting uploaded over the social media platforms.

A committee was formed to look into the matter with representatives of Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. The committee was granted 15 days to come out with a solution beginning from April 5. A Bench headed by Justice MB had asked committee that if it was unable to find a solution to the problem then it must be prepared with solid reasons as to why it wasn’t possible to block uploading and circulating videos of rape, gang-rape and child pornography.

The court had formed a committee after a PIL was filed by an NGO which put light on the uploading and circulation of such videos. As per The Tribune, the NGO had sent two gang-rape videos and penned a letter requesting immediate action.

CBI’s cyber security experts had told the bench that blocking such content on the internet was a challenge and for stopping such videos a guideline was required. The cyber security experts had told the court that many countries had a hotline service to stop child abuse but India isn’t listed on that platform. To stop child pornography, help of INTERPOL was taken and upon receiving complaints the internet service providers were asked to stop such such content.