Gujarat, November 29: The ruling BJP seems to be making its presence felt election by election in every state across India. In the latest hit, the party managed to score a big win in the municipal and Panchayat by-polls in Gujarat. The election results are a critical indicator of the public mood merely one year before the crucial Gujarat assembly elections.

The results today showed a clear BJP victory leaving behind a subdued Congress that performed below expectations. Individual council results were clear indicators of this fact. In the Vapi municipal polls , out of 44 seats, the BJP  have won 41, while the Congress managed to secure 3 seats. Similarly, in the Kanakpur-Kansad municipal polls in Surat, out of 28 seats, the BJP bagged 27, while Congress secured a paltry single seat. Meanwhile, in the Taluka panchayat and municipal by polls, BJP bagged 23 seats while the Congress won 8 seats.

The results come just a day after the Maharashtra municipal and Panchayat polls, in which too, the BJP managed to secure a huge victory.  In a blow to opposition parties, the results provide a clear indication of the public favour the government’s policy of demonetisation.


 Various senior BJP leaders extended congratulatory messages on the stellar victory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself took to Twitter to extend congratulations. In a series of tweets, the Prime Minister wrote, “I salute people of Gujarat for continued trust in BJP. BJP’s great win in local polls shows people’s strong faith in development politics.Over the last few days we have seen the results of various polls, Parliamentary, Assembly & local polls across India. Be it the Northeast, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat…BJP has performed very well. I thank the people. These results across India illustrate that people want all-round progress of the nation & will not tolerate corruption & misgovernance.”

Other senior leaders like Smriti Irani and Venkaiah Naidu too expressed their joy. In a tweet, Irani wrote, “Abhinandan @BJP4Gujarat for the splendid victory in local body by-polls & gratitude to the people of Gujarat for their continued support. ” For now, it seems as though demonetisation is indeed working its magic for the BJP at the local level.