Gandhinagar, January 8: On December 29 when the counting of Gujarat Gram Panchayat poll ended, both the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the main opposition Congress Party claimed their victory in the party-less panchayat elections. It is a well-known fact that the Gram Panchayat Elections are not fought on party symbol, which offers a space for rumors regarding winning side at the grass-root level election. Since Saturday, rumors doing round on social media and other reports suggest that BJP lost “all 36 seats” to Congress Party and ended up embarrassing itself in Gram Panchayat Elections held in Gujarat on December 27, 2016. However, that is not true and it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Social media had already reasoned this defeat as effect of demontisation, during which the election was held, while some also gave credit to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who held rallies during the panchayat elections. Some took it as Narendra Modi’s wave taking a dip in Gujarat. The real questions arises, ‘Did BJP really suffer a humiliating defeat in Gujarat Gram Panchayat Elections?’

This “news” about BJP’s loss surfaced at a time when AAP National Executive Member, Preeti Menon tweeted, “BJP lost all 36 seats in Gujarat Panchayat elections. Media has been warned not to let this news spread. Hum kis din kaam aayenge?”. Also Read – Gujarat Gram Panchayat Election Results 2016: Know full results and sarpanch winner names

Since there are lots of discussion going around, would like to give you a clear picture of what happened in Gujarat Gram Panchayat Elections. According to fresh reports, around 9000 panchayats had elections recently in Gujarat.

On December 29, 2016, soon after the results for 2,891 out of 8,624 Gram Panchayats came out, both BJP and Congress claimed their victories.  Three days later, a report claimed that over 80 per cent candidates devoted to BJP have won the elections which led BJP state Chief Minister Mr Vijay Rupani felicitating “more than 8,000 newly elected sarpanches” in Gandhinagar.

It is quite noteworthy that the Gujarat Gram Panchayat polls are not contested against party symbols and each and every candidate are expected to fight on their personal capacity. Also, each voter gets to cast two votes, one to elect sarpanch and another to elect members of panchayat for his ward. But there are always informal backing and bias with each and every candidate which is considered normal in grass-root level elections held in the country.


Going by Preeti Menon’s tweet, it reflects that the Aam Aadmi Party leader is unaware of the exact number of contesting seats in Gujarat Gram Panchayat Elections. Also, according to a rough estimation, if BJP won 80 per cent seats out of 8,624 Gram Panchayat seats, it means that the party lost around 1724 seats and not ‘all 36 seats’.

According to OpIndia,  tweets by Memon suggest that the AAP leader has shared some old data, earlier shared by Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi, who also shared Anhaad Activist Shabnam Hashmi’s post. Hashmi in her post said, “Gujarat Unjha Nagarpalika Elections BJP Lost All Seats All 36 Seats gone to Congress”. Interestingly, Chaturvedi made the mentioned tweet on November 18, 2016. Thus it cannot be referred to any election which took place in December 2016.


Few hours ago Shabnam Hashmi deleted her old tweet.