New Delhi, November 13: Patidar leader Hardik Patel who is embroiled in sex scandal controversy today responded to queries of reporters in Ahmedabad. Patel who has vowed to not allow the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to return to the state, on Monday said that the ruling party was out to defame him.

“The person seen in the video is not me. Dirty politics is being played now. The CD is morphed, I will consult my lawyers and will take appropriate action,” he said.

Local Gujarati channel has been airing a four-minute clip which shows a man resembling Hardik Patel with an unidentified woman. The video appears to be filmed in a hotel room and has a timestamp of May 16, 2017.

Hardik Patel is not the first politician whose political life has been rocked by a sex scandal. Here are some 15 most sensational sex scandals that had rocked the Indian politics.

AAP leader Sandeep Kumar sex scandal:

In 2016, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal sacked his minister SaneeSandeepr from his cabinet over an objectionable CD. The CD contained a sex tape and similar images. When the video was made public, Kumar was the minister of child welfare and social justice in the AAP cabinet. Few days later Kejriwal announced his decision to sack his minister on twitter.


Raghavji Lakhamsi Savala sex scandal:

Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister Raghavji Lakhamsi Savala was accused of sexually abusing a male domestic help. The incident took place inn 2013 and the victim in his report mentioned that the minister had sodomised him with the lure of a permanent government job. At the time when the incident was reported, Raghavji was 79 years old. As soon as the CD started surfacing, Raghavji had to resign from his position.

Babulal Nagar sex scandal:

In 2013, Rajasthan Minister Babulal Nagar was accused of sexually exploiting a woman from Jaipur. She had alleged that the minister promised her a government job and later sexually exploited her. The woman had alleged that the minister had threatened her to keep her mouth shut. In the wake of these allegations Nagar had to resign.


Gopal Kanda sex scandal case:

Air hostess Geetika Sharma was the victim who fell prey of former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda’s lust. The victim was employed with Kanda’s MLDR Airlines but after the suxual harrasment by the minister, she committed suicide in 2012. In her suicide note, Geetika alleged that Kanda was responsible for compelling her to end her life. Later Kanda was arrested and also lost his job.

On March 4 2014, Kanda was granted bail after a charge of sexual exploitation was dropped by the Delhi High Court.

ND Tiwari sex scandal:

ND Tiwari, vetreran Congress leader and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand and a serving governor of Andhra Pradesh has to quit after allegations about his involvement in a sex scandal in the Raj Bhawan surfaced.

In 2008, Rohit Shekhar Tiwari filed a paternity suit claiming that Tiwari was his biological father and the court ordered the DNA mapping of Tiwari to be done at the earliest. The DNA test later reveled that Tiwari was the biological father of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari.

Sanjay Joshi sex scandal:

Sanjay Joshi, BJP General Secretary came into the spotlight for the sex scandal that hit the party in the midst of its silver jubilee celebrations. Once he used to be the RSS’ representative in the BJP, but had to sacrifice the general secretary’s post following the alleged sex scandal.

He was later re-inducted in the party but the disgrace never allowed him to regain his authority and command.

Amarmani Tripathi sex scandal case:

Amarmani Tripathi, former Uttar Pradesh minister was jailed for life for killing poetess Madhumati Shukla who was carrying his unborn child and had refused to abort it despite repeated threats. In 2003, Madhumita was gunned down and her murder created an uproar in Uttar Pradesh, leading to Tripathi’s exit from the Mayawati cabinet.

Gopinath Munde scandal:

In 1997, the image of then deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, Gopinath Munde took a battering after his affair with Tamasha dancer Barkha Patil came out in public.

The then Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray joked about the scandal in a party meeting saying that, “I told Mude jab pyaar kiyaa toh darnaa kyaa”. Munde denied these allegations and blamed his political rivals but also refrained from filing cases against the newspapers that were covering the affair in detail.

Jalgaon rape case:

In 1994, a group of influential politicians, businessmen and officials were accused of running a forced sex racket on a massive scale and for a long time in Jalgaon town.

The gang lured school – and college – going girls into their trap and then raped them. The gang also recorded the acts which were then used to blackmail the victims. Two Congressmen were arrested but were later acquitted for the lack of proof.