New Delhi, April 11: Demanding an apology from the Haryana government over its controversial forms which schools were directed to get filled by parents seeking admission for their wards, the Congress has sought for an immediate withdrawal of the said order. Among the details the form seeks to know are case, religion, Aadhaar and bank account details. Then, there are specific questions about whether the parents “are engaged in unclean occupation” or if they suffer from any “genetic disorder”. The form, with as many as 100 questions in it, is being given out by schools in Haryana but the order came from the state government’s Education Department.

In a series of tweets, senior Congress leader R.S. Surjewala said, “Khattar Govt does it again. Students labelled as ‘untouchables’, their parent’s occupation as ‘unclean’. Height of insanity is the kind of pvt info of parents being sought,” and “Govt taking a cue from NaMo app and issues a 100-pointer admission form.” He alleged that the government was indulging in racial and religious profiling.


A media report quotes a school principal as saying that the forms indeed carry questions schools wouldn’t normally ask but if there were any objections from parents, they would have to be directed to the state government.

Director of Haryana Secondary Education Rajiv Rattan was quoted by The Indian Express as saying, “There is no case in which any student has been denied admission on the basis of Aadhaar card. If a student doesn’t have Aadhaar number at the time of admission, we can manage her or his Aadhaar card after admission.”

Meanwhile, Haryana BJP spokesperson Raman Malik said, “What is wrong in asking such information? Such details are asked to ascertain whether a student requires medical check-up or special attention…With such information, the government can know which community is lagging behind in availing education. It will enable the government to take corrective measures.”