New Delhi, Dec 2: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. Speaking at the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) meeting ahead of the Parliamentary proceedings, Rahul slammed Modi over his policy in Kashmir. Rahul went on to claim that history will judge Modi as the Prime Minister who recreated the massive space for separatist and militant groups in the Valley. Rahul attributed the PDP-BJP alliance in Kashmir for the growing unrest in the Valley. He accused the Jammu & Kashmir state government led by BJP-PDP coalition of negating the strenous efforts taken over the years to reduce tensions.

“We never gave a PM who was ready to inflict such tremendous suffering on people of India to protect his own persona. It is high time that the government develops a coherent strategy. We were told that idea behind (surgical) strikes was to stop Pakistan from cross border attacks. There have been 21 major attacks and hundreds of ceasefire violations since the strikes,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“PM Modi will be judged by history as man who gifted massive pol space to anti-India forces by creating opportunistic BJP-PDP pol alliance. Today, the same person who used to ridicule us sits silently while Kashmir burns,” the Congress VP added.