Hyderabad, September 8 : A very careless set of parents left their three-year-old daughter by herself in the car while they went off to eat breakfast. Apparently, the child was asleep and they did not want to wake her up so they left her in the car and locked her in. Their daughter, however, woke up soon after they left and went immediately into a state of shock and had to be rescued by the locals.

The incident happened in Shamsabad . The child, after she woke up started screaming for help and banging on the car doors. The locals who were present around the car at the time were left horrified.  A video taken by an onlooker shows the 3-year-old screaming and crying in the backseat of the car after discovering that she had been left behind by her parents. Coincidentally a reporter was on the scene and recorded the whole scene.  On hearing her cries, locals gathered outside.A reporter, who was on the spot said that locals located the father who realised that he had lost the key and the car had been central locked. (ALSO READ : Shocking! Pure jealousy makes aunt throw baby boy off hospital roof, baby survives (Watch Video)

The video shows the child packed up in the backseat along with a large amount of luggage. Media reports suggested that the family was on their way to Bangalore from Hyderabad. The locals tried to gather around the window and comfort her. They were seen tapping on the window and even trying to guide her through opening the door from the inside. However, the infant was too hysterical to respond. The locals then tried the next alternative and actually managed to locate the father, but, it was more of bad luck that came rolling out. The father realised that he had lost the key to his car which had been centrally locked.

Finally, as the poor child continued to scream, the locals decided to wrench open the door. The Hyderabad City Police and Hyderabad Traffic Police were soon involved in the rescue operations. The video concludes with one man using a crowbar to open the rear door.Parents were reportedly upset that a video had been shot by a bystander.While the crowd reportedly shamed the parents when they returned, the parents reportedly defended their action stating that they didn’t want to wake their sleeping child.

The parents’ reaction was not befitting the seriousness of the situation. They were upset that a video had been shot by aa bystander. The crowd made sure that the parents received a thorough dressing down. A lot of caretakers fail to realise the seriousness of leaving a child in a locked car. In the US, on an average 38 children in a year die after being trapped in closed cars. The lack of ventilation heats up the air in the car and causes suffocation in children. Added to this when the child panics, as most children do due to their inability to operate the locks of a car, it can cause a tortuous death.