New Delhi, Aug 12: Indian Army was knocked out of the International Military Drill being held in Russia after the tanks deployed for the wargames developed technical snag. The untimely exit of the Indian delegation from the drill came as a disappointment, as the initial rounds were reportedly cleared with an overwhelming success.

India had sent two Russian-made T-90 tanks for the wargames being held in Alabino Ranges of Russia, instead of the indigenous Arjun tanks, which was widely expected to be deployed.

According to NDTV, both the main and reserve T-90 tanks sent for global wargames broke down. As a result, India failed to qualify in the semi-finals. The battle among the top 4 featured Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China.

While Russia and Kazakhstan participated in the military drill using T-72B3 tanks, Belarus deployed the modernised T-72. China used the indigenous Type 96B.

A total of 19 delegations representing different countries participated in the international military drill. Each team comprised of 21 personnel, including the crew and coaching unit. The wargame is conducted through three rounds – first, featuring an individual race, followed by the relay race between 12 teams selected. The concluding round also features a relay race among the top four participants.

This was the fourth consecutive year when India sent its team to participate in the wargames being hosted by Moscow. On the last three occasions, the Indian delegation used the Russian-made T-72 in the joint drill.

The T-72s failed to provide the edge to the Indian side in the global wargames, reports said, which compelled the Army to ship the state-of-the-art T-90 tanks to Russia this year.