New Delhi, Jan 5: This is an appeal to Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, by Musran, who is originally from Uttar Pradesh. He claims that he has been kept in Kuwait in inhumane conditions and has been a victim of false job promise.

‘Respected Madam,

I am Musran, a resident of Mehmood Nagar, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Around 20-25 days back, I arrived in Kuwait with high hopes of earning good money as a driver in this country. This dream was a result of promises made by  Mohd. Javed, S/O Mohd. Idrees who guaranteed me a respectable job under a Kuwaiti employer and charged Rs. 1.50 lakh for the same. Initially I was told that my job profile is that of an electrician but later he said I would be responsible for driving. After getting through all documentation, I finally landed in Kuwait and realised that I was not told the whole truth.

Soon I was forcefully made to work beyond my employment promises and instead of as an electrician or a driver I was made to clean vehicles  and since then, I have been a victim of inhumane treatment by my employers. Following this, I was lodged in a cabin which has no air inlet and is unhygienic to the maximum . This led to me consequently falling sick and I have been vomiting blood for a long time now. My employers have refused to take care of me after taking me to the doctor once. I also approached the Police here, but they refused to help me as well. Regarding this I tried calling your office, in the number which is available on the internet, but that did not bear fruit as well.

Then I approached the media and after hearing me they suggested I tweet to you. But I have no idea how to tweet or for that matter write properly, hence I am completely dependent on the media to get your attention and help me to get out of Kuwait and get home.

In my home, back in India only my father and brother know of the situation I am in. If my mother hears that I am in such pain, she might not be able to bear the news.

Please help me. Take me back home. Take me back to India.’

The above appeal was spoken to the author by 23 year old Musran and the author formatted this letter keeping the spirit of the appeal. No untrue fact has been added in the above appeal. Musran also let out a few other facts which have been noted below.

A resident of Mehmood Nagar in the district of Muzaffarnagar, Musran was reportedly lured by a few agents from his home district. These agents have been named by Musran as Mohd. Javed s/0 Mohd. Idrees and Shahvez s/o Mohd. Parvez. These agents reportedly charged Rs. 1.50 lakh from Musran, promising a job abroad. Lured by the promise, Musran reportedly paid the amount and took up the job and left for Kuwait. While he accepted the offer, hoping to earn abroad, on arrival he realised that the tasks were more than that. While he did not complain initially, his employers reportedly started getting more and more inhumane in their behaviour towards Musran.

Musran is lodged in a cabin which he describes has no air outlet or inlet and is also highly unhygienic. He reported there are two beds in the cabin and he has been told that most of the employees under his present employer have left the job. When Musran contacted, he appealed to be taken back to India as his condition was worsening everyday. Reportedly he has been vomiting out blood for a long time now, and his employers have totally ignored his situation.

Musran reportedly approached the police in Kuwait as well, but they refused to file a report or help him. He also has reportedly contacted the news channels ABP and Aaj Tak, but no one has taken his story seriously. (However, this has to be ascertained)

According to Musran, it has been 20-25 days since he arrived in Kuwait, but his health has deteriorated due to the inhumane behaviour he has been victimised to. His employers also reportedly told him that his agents took a fee from them amounting to approximately 1 lakh rupees and unless it is returned, they will no let Musran leave.

In his conversation, Musran confessed that he has kept the phone active without the knowledge of his employers and fears they will take it away from him if they realise he has any communication with the outer world. In the afternoon of January 5, Musran said that soon his phone will be snatched away as his employers have gained knowledge of him having a phone. talked to Musran’s father Furqan Ahmad and following are the facts gathered from him.

According to Furqan Ahmad, Musran’s ticket for Kuwait was on December 14, 2016. He added that he also approached the agents who took Musran to Kuwait and they have been pending his request for a long time now. Furqan Ahmad said Musran was taken to Kuwait with promise of a job as an electrician and then driver and now finally been forced to work and stay in an inhumane conditions. He claimed that the Kuwait employers took Musran to the doctors after his condition worsened but they refused to take care of his illness as it cost them a lot. The Kuwait employers also reportedly said that when the agents will return the money to them, only then will they let Musran go.

Following are a few other facts and photographs of the documents shared by Musran with details of his passport and other relevant information:

Musran's present condition(left) and his old photograph

Disclaimer: The source of this appeal has been a direct correspondence of Musran with Most of the information in the story has been verified over phone as much as they can be in the short period of time. spoke to Musran’s father and the story seems to be true & considers this as a genuine distress call.

Contact number: Furqan Ahmad (Musran’s father): +91-93586-14479