New Delhi, April 10: A Navy helicopter made an emergency landing at the Santa Cruz airport in Mumbai on Tuesday. According to news agency ANI, an emergency landing was done in view of an emergency indication on its engine.

Later, an Indian Navy Spokesperson said that all crew members are safe after the pilot followed the laid down procedure on the engine overheat indication and made a safe landing. An investigation and defect rectification of the incident is being undertaken. The Seaking 42B helicopter made the emergency landing at 8.50 PM. According to sources, there were around three crew members inside the helicopter, however, an official confirmation is awaited.

As quoted on Indian Navy website, among the most potent weapon platforms in the Naval inventory is the Seaking helicopter. This versatile and advanced multi-role aircraft has taken modern age maritime warfare to theatres well beyond the nation’s shores. INAS 330 was commissioned on 17 Apr 71 under the command of Cdr MP Wadhawan. The squadron was initially equipped with Sea King Mk 42 ASW helicopters acquired from British Westland Helicopters Ltd..