Mumbai, August 13: The North Indian Railway Committee is set to launch a rally on Sunday demanding a new Uttar Pradesh-Bihar train. And it is on the same day that Railway minister Suresh Prabhu will inaugurate two new Gorakhpur and Patna trains. These trains will travel from Udhana and Surat.

Suresh Prabhu will show the green flag to Bandra-Gorakhpur Antyodaya and Bandra-Patna Hamsafar expresses via video conferencing. Apart from this, from August 18, the Bandra-Ghazipur weekly express will run twice a week, reports claimed. The train will be available on Friday and Sunday from Bandra and on Sunday and Tuesday from Ghazipur.

The 22921 Bandra-Gorakhpur Antyodaya Express will depart from Bandra every Sunday at 5.10 pm and reach Gorakhpur at 5.35 pm the following day. While returning, 22922 Antyodaya express will depart from Gorakhpur every Tuesday at 3.15 am to reach Bandra at 4.15 pm the following day. Reports claim that it will have 16 coaches equipped with modern and advanced facilities.

Also, the 22913 Bandra-Patna AC Hassafar Express will reach Bandra every Sunday at 12.55 pm and reach Patna at 10.15 pm the next day. While returning, 22914 Hamsafar will leave Patna at 11.10 pm on every Tuesday and reach Bandra at 7.35 am on Thursdays. The train will run permanently from August 20. Reservation will begin on August 13.