Washington, Jan 12: American President-elect Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to take strict steps that will curb the misuse of H1B and L1 visas, which are popular among Indian techies. This decision is believed to be a major setback for the Indian IT professionals. If this decision comes into force, Indian IT professionals who are working in United States may be sent back to their homeland which in turn would affect India’s IT sector.

Jeff Sessions, who is one of the nominees for the post of US Attorney General under Trump said that  that any American can be replaced in the country if another person is ready to take up his job for less pay. While speaking to the Senate judiciary committee, Jeff criticized the Obama government for failing to protect the jobs of American citizens.

During his address at the committee, Jeff said that these visas, mainly with Indian techies were the primary reason why Americans are being easily replaced by the foreign nationals at the workplace. This decision was taken to reduce unemployment and solving problems of people of America.

In a reply to Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sessions said, “We have borders. We have a commitment to our citizens and you have been a champion of that. I’ve been honoured to work with you on it”.  As per report by PTI, both Sessions and Grassley have worked together to bring legislations on H-1B visas that badly hit Indian IT companies in the past.

Grassley describing Sessions as a vocal champion for American workers and stated that many American workers are being laid off and replaced by cheaper foreign labour imported through some of the US visa programmes.  “Many US workers advocate that the layoff of American workers and the replacement by cheaper, foreign, H-1B workers constitutes de facto nationality-based discrimination against American workers”, Grassley further added.