New Delhi, June 18: The final countdown is on for the International Yoga Day 2017. People in different cities not just throughout the country but also throughout the world will come together to perform Yoga., in association with Yoga trainer Aditi Ratti, is helping you gear up for your Yoga day with one asana a day. Today, Aditi Ratti gets you the Supta Vajrasana or Sleeping Thunderbolt pose.

The Supta Vajrasana is an amazing solution for those with constipation issues as it regularises digestion. Besides havinf benefits for the digestive system, this asana is also effective for stretching of thigh muscles. This asana also tines the spinal nerves and makes your back flexible. Also beneficial for those suffering from asthma, this asana stretched your chest, providing more oxygen to your lungs. Here’s how it’s done:

Repetition: The Supta Vajrasana must be repeated 10 times for best results. It is advised to hold the posture for at least 10-15 seconds and keep increasing the duration as you practise this asana more frequently. Breathing must ne as advised in the video. (Also Watch: Video tutorial of Dhanur Asana)

Caution: Those with a slipped disc must not practise this asana. If you are suffering from sciatica, you are advised not to practise the Supta Vajrasana. Those with knee injuries must also not practise this pose.