New Delhi, June 19: It’s just two days to go for the International Yoga Day 2017 and we hope that you are practising your Yoga asanas with’s series of Yoga poses. Preparations are on across the country as well as the world with events planned in different cities for the Yoga Day on Wednesday, June 21. With just a couple of days to go, yoga instructor Aditi Ratti today brings you an asana that helps you balance your body and mind – the Vriksha Asana or the Tree Pose.

The Vriksha Asana or Tree pose helps you balance your body. It brings equilibrium to your mind and improves your concentration. This pose strengthens your arms, legs and back and also stretches your muscles. It also opens up your hips. This asana is also known to relieve sciatica pains. Besides that, practising this asana rejuvenates you, helping you beat stress. Here’s how the Vriksha Asana is done:

Repetition: It is advised to do 10 repetitions of the Tree pose. You must hold the posture for at least 10 seconds till as long as you can. Do not give up in case you lose balance in the first few attempts. You will be able to balance the pose perfectly in a few attempts. Keep your breathing as has been advised in the video. (Also Watch: Video tutorial of Supta Vajrasana)

Caution: Those with high or low blood pressure must avoid practising the Vriksha Asana. Those with migraine and insomnia must also not practise this.

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