Bengaluru, July 12: Cyber expert Pavan Duggal expressed concern over the hacking of ISRO commercial arm Antrix website  ‘’. According to Duggal, the website takeover by unknown sources is a major security breach. “This has to be seen as a part of broader cyber war activities that are targeted against India,” said the renowned cyber law expert. (READ: ISRO’s commercial arm Antrix website ‘’ hacked)

Earlier in the day, the home page of the Antrix website was replaced with parts of an article talking about 300 kids from Cape Town getting American Major League jerseys at cheap prices from China. Isro officials confirmed the homepage of the website was defaced but denied there was a security breach. “The matter has been taken up senior officials of Antrix and there will be an inquiry to find out who is behind the hacking,” Isro officials said.

Although it was alleged that Chinese hackers were behind defacing the website, the officials have declined to confirm any such accusation.