Jammu, Mar 9: A woman from Jammu has donated her alimony money towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission. According to a DNA report, Dr Megha Mahajan of Jammu has donated Rs 45 lakh towards the Swachh Bharat Kosh for a clean India. She also says that she is a fan of PM Modi.

Dr Mahajan was locked in a legal battle with her estranged husband in the year 2011. She wished to donate her alimony amount towards a cleaner and healthier India. It was in November 2017 that she was granted Rs 45 lakh as alimony, the whole of which she donated towards Swachh Bharat Kosh.

“I am a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he is doing such a wonderful job for India. I thought I would donate the money for a Swachh Bharat as there isn’t a better cause than this,” she was quoted as saying by DNA. She has also written to the Swachh Bharat panel on a water and air purifier project and hopes for it to be considered.

While donating towards a cause, Dr Mahajan said that she wanted to prove those people wrong who accuse women of extorting money under the pretext of alimony after divorce. “I had vowed that I would take the money but not keep a penny of it to silence those voices,” she said.