Bhubaneshwar, April 16: Addressing the media persons about the proceedings of Bharatiya Janta Party national executive meeting, senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari on Sunday said that the address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the vision for driving the party’s progress in Odisha and across the nation. The party’s growth prospects have been boosted by the historic win in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Gadkari added that PM Modi emphasised that Amit Shah played a pivotal role in ensuring the victory in UP elections.

PM Modi added that party has seen the days when people used to mock the saffron party with only two MPs but the four generations of volunteers through their relentless labour has built the strong organisation. Gadkari said that the party’s growth may be slow but it will continue. PM Modi added that Mission 2022 will be the focus of this to bring social change in the country.

Emphasising on the new vision, he said that PM Modi devised the new formula for driving development and named it, Jan Dhan, Van Dhan and Jal Dhan. Gadkari said that party’s economic philosophy is guided by the aim of Antyoday laid by Deen Dayal Upadhyay and the formula was a mere extension of the vision.

Gadkari said the revenue receipt of the government has increased Rs. 13 Lakh crore in 2014 to Rs. 20 Lakh till now. Similarly, 28 crore new accounts were opened under Jan Dhan Scheme and additional Rs. 66000 crores were added to government’s exchequer. The development will achieve new heights once Goods and Services Tax is implemented across the nation.

Similarly, Van Dhan is related with the empowerment of “vanvasis” and it must be driven by the forest-based economy. Jal Dhan is attributed to the vast potential of water-based trade. The farmer suicides would also stop once the irrigation projects are successfully delivered to the villages.

Briefing further, he said, PM Modi emphasised on the formula of “p2G2”. Explaining the formula, he said, PM Modi said that the government should be pro-people in its policies driven by good governance. Launching a scathing attack on previous UPA government, Gadkari said that the previous government could not deliver governments because of their corruption.