New Delhi, Nov 11: A ruckus among airport staffers and passengers was reported as a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Patna returned to Indira Gandhi International Airport after diversion to Varanasi. The flight was diverted to Varanasi on Friday due to non-availability of taxi way at Patna Airport and returned to Delhi on Friday night.

In the video released by news agency ANI, a Jet Airways ground staff is seen surrounded by angry passengers who are involved in an argument. Although it is unclear what the argument was all about, ANI said it was related to the Jet Airways flight diversion and return incident.

Jet Airways flight 9W 730 from Delhi to Patna was diverted to Varanasi, following non-availability of taxi way and eventually brought back to Delhi.

According to an earlier report, special flight was being arranged for all the 150 passengers.

The video shows tempers among the passengers rising high and the people demanding to see the staff’s manager to talk with.

However, it is unclear if the men arguing in the video are travelling to Patna or are irked by the delay which might have been caused due to the diversion and its technicalities.