New Delhi, July 17: A man was paraded half-naked on a village street in Karnataka by a mob over allegations of molestation. While the mob shaved off half of his head and moustache and made him wear a skirt and a garland of shoes in a show of mob justice over the charges, the police and state ministers condemned the act and urged the people to not take the law into their own hands.

Reported from Hittanahalli Tanda in Bijapur district’s Sindagi taluk of Karnataka, a man named Shankar Rathod, was disrobed by his relatives on suspicion of molesting the daughter of one, Umaraj, under influence of alcohol. While according to reports, Shankar was invited to Umaraj’s residence for dinner, Shankar allegedly held the hand of Umaraj’s daughter to get up. This angered Umaraj and an altercation broke out between the two men.

The following morning, Umaraj and a few other members paraded Shankar half-naked on the road. According to the police, Umaraj’s party registered an FIR on July 12 against Shankar. The police also stated that following the incident of Shankar being attacked by the mob, his family member lodged a counter complaint with the police. However, Shankar has been sent to judicial custody.

District-in charge minister MB Patil while condemning the act urged the people to not take the law into their own hands. Patil while talking about this incident also said that such incidents of mob violence or vigilante justice has been rising in the state. “If there is any trouble, approach the police and enlist their help legally. Do not take the law into your hands,” he said.