Bengaluru, Jan 12: Karnataka minister for large and medium industries RV Deshpande on Friday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare Bengaluru as the second capital of India. While seeking Bengaluru as the second capital of India “urgently”, Deshpande said, “a country the size and scale of India cannot be managed from one location.”

Not just that, Deshpande also sought to establish “the second seat of the Supreme Court, a second office of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and conduction the Winter Session of the Parliament in Bangalore”. Dreshpande believed that having another capital city in India, “especially if it is based in the South, will help create new opportunities in trade, cultural exchange, scientific prowess, technological innovation.”

“This move would be an integral factor to create decentralized systems and delegate decision-making. This will help recognize the people of South India by bringing the administrative and judicial system closer to them,” he wrote. Deshpande added: “The rich and complex history of development and culture cannot be done justice in an administrative system which is distant and does not recognize the salience and uniqueness of the culture and ethos of South India.”

However, his suggestions have not gone down well with the Twitterati who have trolled him for suggesting Bengaluru as the second capital of India.

Deshpande claimed that making Bengaluru the second capital of India “will allow millions of South Indians access to the national mainstream.”