Thiruvananthapuram, May 19: Kerala Assembly on Friday passed a resolution unanimously to demand from Centre to cancel permission for production and cultivation of Genetically Modified Mustard seeds for the use of commercial purposes. VS Sunil Kumar, the agriculture minister of Kerala said that central government’s decision of granting sanction for production and cultivation of GM mustard was inappropriate. This decision was made by a committee formed by Centre called Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC).

He on this note further stated that Genetically Modified would have been cultivated on Indian soil if it would have got the approval of Environment Ministry, adding, “it is a serious matter”. The agriculture minister urged Narendra Modi-led government to not bring GEAC’s decision into the picture as the GM seeds would have a negative impact on the farmers and the agriculture sector. Adding on the same note, he went on to say that with this implementation the traditional seeds would be hampered and the farmers would then rely on multinationals for cultivation purpose.

Voicing out for other states, Kumar said many states are against GM crops. Questioning the GM crops, Kumar added that no one knows their worth. He claimed that these seeds invite insects. Powerful pesticides would have to be used to safeguard crops from attacks of these insects, which in turn would harm human health, he pointed out.

The CPI member alleged that  GM trials were progressing in 75 varieties of crops and their target was to get approval for all crops one by one after getting sanction for GM mustard. Talking on behalf of the people’s opinion, he mentioned that it is harmful to the nation, farmers, and agriculture sector.

Congress-led UDF Opposition leader supported the resolution and wanted a detailed discussion on the matter, to which the Minister said the government would hold a debate in due course.

(With Inputs from PTI)