New Delhi, Mar 28: A 65-year-old woman was seen lying motionless on a busy road after being hit by a vehicle in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala on Wednesday. Passersby looked at her lying helpless but no one came forward to help her. The whole incident was recorded in a CCTV footage and has gone viral since.

In the video, vehicles including motorbikes can be seen passing the injured woman by but no one stops to help. She is seen lying in the middle of the road. People can be seen walking past but hardly anyone helps her. It is only after some time that a young man comes for help and later police take her in a car to the hospital for treatment.

According to reports, police have said that they were not informed about the accident. “We were passing by and stopped after seeing the crowd,” said a policeman. Some reports also say that police have arrested a 20-year old man who was riding a two-wheeler,  with two other pillion riders. All three of them were not wearing helmets.