Kochi, June 19: There is a shocking new twist in the Kerala ‘godman’ bobbitising case. The victim has now alleged that she was never raped by the ‘godman’. Earlier on May 18, the 23-year-old law student had reportedly told the police that she cut off the genitals of 52-year-old G Theerthapada alias Sreehari (godman) in self-defence when he made sexual advances towards her. Now, the woman has claimed that the police has been fabricating stories about the case. She has maintained that she no longer has faith in the police probe and has called for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe in the case.

The woman has now said that she did not attack the godman’s genitals and that the police fabricated the story. She also said that the ‘godman’ never misbehaved with her. She made the statement through a letter, which has now been submitted by the counsel of ‘godman’ Hari Swami to the court.

The Kerala Police have now sought a lie detector test, brain mapping test and a detailed medical check up of the 23-year-old woman as she had last month told police she bobbitised the ‘godman’ while resisting his rape attempt. The woman had told the police that the ‘godman’ had been raping her since she was a minor and that he made sexual advances at her that day too. She told the police that in retaliation, she assaulted him with a knife. On the other hand, the ‘gidman’ told doctors that he himself had tried to sever his genitals. The ‘godman’ was reportedly a frequent visitor to the house of the woman and the bobbitisation took place at her home.

Earlier, in another twist, the woman’s mother in a letter to Kerala Police said that her daughter was not keeping in the best of mental health and that the swami had never harassed her.