Kolkata, Mar 14: Guardians of girl students of a south Kolkata school have protested against the institution’s allegations of lesbianism against ten of its students. The agitating parents alleged that on March 8, the management forced the girls to admit in writing that they indulged in ‘lesbianism’. Enraged guardians created ruckus on the campus. Defending the school authorities, the headmistress claimed that some students had complained against the girls. On being confronted, she said, the accused girls ‘admitted to it’.

“Some students had complained against ten students for indulging in such behaviour. We called those students and they admitted it. Considering the sensitive nature of the issue, I asked them to admit it in writing. I have got written admissions from all ten students,” the acting headmistress told IANS.

“Today, we called the guardians to inform them of the issue. Our aim was to discuss the matter with them so that we can bring these girls on the right course through efforts both at home and in school,” she said.

The guardians, however, rubbished the allegations. “If two people hold hands, or put an arm around each other’s shoulders, that does not mean they are lesbians,” a guardian said.

Another parent claimed that his daughter was 13 and like her, most girls didn’t even know what being a lesbian meant; they just wrote what they were forced to write. He said the school had brought up this case to take away attention from a molestation case on one of its staff.