New Delhi, Feb 14: An Army officer has been detained Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh in connection with a honey trap case. The officer of Lieutenant Colonel rank, currently posted at a workshop in Jabalpur, was detained by the counter intelligence wing of the Indian Army.

He has reportedly been accused of transferring confidential information of the Pakistn army. The detained Army officer allegedly got into a honey trap by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI and shared information that were confidential.

Army has not revealed the name of officer. However, the officer has refused to reveal any information. Several documents and a computer hard drive has also been seized by the Army. There are also reports of huge amount of money being deposited in his account, but there is no official confirmation about the same. \

The incident came after special cell of Delhi Police had arrested Group Captain Arun Marwah for allegedly leaking confidential documents to ISI and spying for the Pakistan agency. An agent of ISI disguised as a woman used to chat with him.

Three months ago, they agents digitally honeytrapped and threatened to make the chats public.

Instead of informing authorities, Marwah succumbed to their demands. In mid-January, the IAF officer shared top-secret documents related to Defence Cyber Agency, Defence Space Agency and Special Operations with the agency on WhatsApp.