Bhopal, July 16: The Madhya Pradesh government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan is coming up with a unique idea in which astrologers will give consultations to patients in OPDs (Out Patient Departments). In the OPDs, that are to be inaugurated this September, astrologers, along with Vastu Shastra Experts, Palmists etc will dive deep into the horoscope and lifeline of patients.

Under the backing of Maharashi Patanjali Sanskrit Sansthan (MPSS) in Bhopal, the departments will have qualified people who are programmed with education in astrology. The consultation will be given twice a week for three to four hours and it is believed that soothsayers might operate on the weekends too. P R Tiwari, Director MPSS, was quoted by Indian Express, saying,  In OPDs junior doctors work under the shadow of seniors, in the same manner, the aspiring astrologers will work under the guidance of experts in astrology.

“The aspiring astrologers who enroll in the three annual diploma courses will receive the right guidance that will enable them to become qualified in their subject. Like junior doctors, the upcoming astrologers will get hands on training that will help them tackle any difficult situation they encounter,” stated Tiwari.


Patients coming into Astrological OPDs will have to only shell out five rupees from their pocket and with this, Tiwari believes that it will make a patient feel that Astrology is nothing but a calculative science.

As per Tiwari, it is wise to label it as calculative science because it deals with the planetary combinations that also includes exact time, date etc. The patients who arrive at the departments without a horoscope can get guidance on the disease they have by the ‘Prashna Kundali’ technique.