Mumbai, Mar 20: Appealing doctor’s to end the strike and resume to work by evening, Mumbai Mayor V Mahadeshwar stated that if the doctors fail to resume work by evening, legal action will be taken against them. In the wake of the brutal attacks on doctors in the recent days, resident doctors in government hospitals across Mumbai are on a mass leave.

As per reported by ANI, the Mumbai mayor had appealed the doctors to end the strike and resume to work further adding that the DG Police has deployed around 400 extra armed forces in various hospitals. On Monday, a meeting between the resident doctors and the administration were held but the meeting proved to be fruitless. After all the demands made by the resident doctors were not accepted in the meet, the doctors have decided to continue its mass leave.

The resident doctors started the protest in the wake of a recent incident at the Sion Hospital of Mumbai where a doctor was allegedly beaten up by the relatives following a patient’s death. Expressing solidarity with the attacked resident doctors and demanding strict action from the government, the resident doctors have stopped reporting to duty from Sunday. The doctors have stated that they cannot work under such life-threatening conditions. A video footage of a doctor being assaulted by the relatives of a patient went viral on social media on March 13.

Some of the demands made by the resident doctors included:

  • Access to only two family members of the patients.
  • Alarm system to be installed in the hospitals.
  • Increase in the number of security personnel in the hospitals across the city.
  • Implementation of Doctor Protection Act 2010 to avoid such instances in future.
  • Immediate action against people attacking the doctors.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras.

Currently, a total of 432 security personnel is present in the hospitals. Mumbai Mayor V Mahadeshwar has deployed around 400 extra armed forces in various hospitals making the tally around 800.

Amid the ongoing protest, Dean of KEM Hospital Dr Avinash Supe has assured that all necessary arrangements have been made so that the patients do not suffer due to the protest.