New Delhi, April 4: In a shocking incident, a woman carried her differently-abled husband on her back to the office of chief medical officer in Mathura to obtain a disability certificate. According to the woman, the couple has been running from pillar to post for the certificate since months but, none of the officials paid heed to her pleas.

“We have no access to a wheel-chair or a tricycle. We went to many different offices but still have not got the certificate,” Bimla Devi, whose husband’s right leg was amputated a few months back, was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Devi’s husband, a truck driver had his right leg amputated due to some medical problem. To get free wheelchair, he needs a disability certificate, but when she went to CMO office, she was asked to get picture of her husband.

As the pictures of woman carrying her husband on back went viral on social media, chief medical officer came into action and sought information regarding the matter. Later the agency also tweeted that the family has been issued disability certificate today.

Bimla Devi said after husband leg got amputated, the entire family burden has fell on her shoulders. The medical expense is too much for them. Expressing grief, UP Minister Bhupendra Chaudhary said that it is a sad incident to happen in a civilized world. He also added that the case will be inspected thoroughly and ensure all possible help to Bimla Devi and her husband.