Meerut Gangrape gets extremist views by Twitterati

The gangrape of a 20-year-old teacher in Meerut and the subsequent lack of media attention for it has caused furor on social media. It seems many people have become extremists in their views because of the issue. While it is true that the crime committed against the lady was extremely heinous but the reactions are not a good sign for a secular India.

#BanMadrassa and #WhyMediaIsAntiHindu are trending on twitter with extremely strong reactions towards Muslims and the media respectively. Anti-Media comments are not new. Comments like ‘the entire media is sold’ is very common and being a journalist is not the most respectable job in the society but it is the communal reactions that is the cause of concern.

These are some of the moderate reactions to the issue as well. These are some tweets under #BanMadrassa which we feel are moderate enough.





These are some of the tweets under #WhyMediaIsAntiHindu which we feel are moderate enough.




(Please note: These tweets are the personal opinions of those individuals. doesn’t hold or support those views and posting them in this articles is, by no means, an endorsement of the views of the above mentioned tweets.)