Mumbai, September 16: Mumbai local trains kill more people than terrorist attacks in India, said Maharashtra railway police. The Maharashtra railway police released a data of the accidents related to local trains in the city which states that at least 3,880 people lost their lives between January 2016 and July 2017 due to train-related accidents. On the contrary, the deaths due to terrorist attacks in India in the year 2015 were 289 with 501 people getting injured, and 337, in 2016. A total of 636 people were injured in 2016, the data report says.

As per the data, at least 1,126 people died as they trespassed into the railway tracks in the year 2016-17. The number of people who lost their lives while crossing railway tracks in front of the moving train is 1,574, TOI reports. Due to overcrowded trains, a lot of people travel by sitting on the train’s roof and the report states that nearly 981 citizens died by falling off from running trains. (Also Read: Mumbai demands for reforms in local trains over the new bullet train)

53 people in 2016-17 died by getting electrocuted to the overhead wires. These wires reportedly carry a current of 25,000-volt. The gap between the train’s door and the railway track has always been one of the major reason for commuters’ deaths. While getting down from the train, some people fall between the tracks due to the wide gap and sometimes due to overcrowding.

The report says that 21 people died by falling into the gap between the railway tracks and train door. The data also revealed that 10 people died by falling from the railway overbridges, 14  by getting struck by a pole and at least 101 lives were claimed by other train-related mishaps in Mumbai.