Mumbai, April, 4: Tired of daily domestic harassment and suspecting extramarital affairs, a 65-year-old woman killed her 75-year-old husband by hitting a paver block on his head while he was asleep. The woman then slept next to her husband’s body until morning to avoid suspicion.

The incident took place in Krishna Nagar, a Chembur slum of Mumbai, on March 31. The deceased, identified as Chhotelal Maurya, was married to Dhannudevi for 40 years. The couple has three sons. According to reports, Dhannudevi suspected her husband of having an affair with two women.

The incident came to light when some people informed police on Sunday that an old man was lying injured at his home. Maurya was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead. When the police asked Devi about his death, she kept mum and said she was unaware how he died.

The police got to know from the doctors that it was not an accidental death, as they found severe injuries on the 75-year-old’s head. “On the doctors’ report and injuries, we registered a case and started questioning the children and his widow. We also came to know that Mourya’s wife had been alone with him throughout the night,” a police officer was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

Dhannudevi broke down and admitted to the crime. “She killed her husband and slept next to him to prove herself innocent and unaware of the incident,” the cop added. The couple had a heated argument before the incident. The police have registered a murder case under section 307 and arrested the woman.