Mumbai, January 9: Mumbai’s Matunga station on Central Railway (CR), entered the Limca Book of Records as a first all-women station in India, an official spokesperson said on Monday. The station has a staff of 41 women and the unique initiative was taken by CR General Manager DK Sharma in July 2017 with the aim of empowering women.

According to a report, women staffers were posted across all departments, like 17 ladies for commercial and operations, eight for ticket checking, six Railway Protection Force, two announcers and two conservancy staffers, and five-point persons, totalling 41, under the charge of Station Manager Mamta Kulkarni.

Also, Kulkarni holds the distinction of becoming the first woman assistant station manager to be recruited on the CR’s Mumbai Division in 1992.

Now, she and her colleagues handle the overall operations of the busy Matunga station with positive and encouraging results.

“The idea is to create an environment for women where they can make all decisions of their own for their personal and professional well-being, organisation good notwithstanding,” Railway officials pointed out.

Earlier, the Indian Railways’ Mumbai region set new records in women’s empowerment with Surekha Bhosale-Yadav becoming the first woman train driver on CR in 1988, later the world’s first ‘Ladies Special’ suburban train introduced on Western Railway in 1992.