Religion was created to bring people together and help them bond. However, these days it is often seen as a barrier or the reason for differences in people. In a country like India, where diversity is extensive, the problem exists on a much larger scale.

However, there are some instances where religion succeeds in its original mission, and brings people together. One such incident occurred in the Lonand district of Maharashtra. In an act of goodwill, Muslims in this locality postponed ‘Eid-al-fitr celebrations in he light of celebration of 1000 year old Hindu tradition, Varkari.

Varkari is a Vaishnavi tradition in Hinduism and does not go well with slaughter, which is a part of ‘Eid celebrations. As an act of good will, thousands of Muslims decided to postpone ‘Eid celebration to Sunday and made way for the continuation of this tradition, according to a Storypick report.