Udhampur (Jammu), Nov 29: The number of casualties in the Nagrota terror attack has increased from 3 to 7. As per the latest press release issued by Army’s Northern Command, a total of 2 officers and 5 jawans were martyred in the cross-border terror attack in Nagrota earlier in the day. Meanwhile, three terrorists were killed in the encounter. The bodies of deceased terrorists has been recovered. Combing operations are underway.

Army’s Northern Command revealed that casualties were suffered in two phases. During the initial period of counter-terror operation, initiated near the Officer’s Mess, 1 officer and three jawans lost their lives. The terrorists later entered into two buildings which houses the Officers and their families. They created a hostage-like situation. Although the situation was contained shortly, one officer and two jawans were martyred in the operation.

During the terror operation, the militants held 12 soldiers, 2 women and  children as hostages. All of them were successfully rescued.

According to Defence PRO Manish Mehta, the terrorists disguised themselves in police uniform to reach near the army camp. He has confirmed that the terrorists have been neutralised. The combing operations will be rejuvenated in the morning to find important leads to ascertain the whereabouts of the terrorists.

What we know so far:

  • Unspecified number of militants stormed the army camp in Nagrota (Jammu) in wee hours of the day. The terrorists reportedly hurled grenades near the Officer’s Mess at 5:30 AM.
  • The terrorists disguised themselves in police uniforms to enter inside the army base camp. They were challenged by jawans and officers near the Officer’s Mess. In the initial phase of counter-terror operation, 4 army personnel, including 3 jawans and 1 officer lost their lives.
  • The terrorists subsequently entered inside the two buildings which were occupied by officers and their family members. 16 people were taken as hostages inside, including 12 soldiers, 2 children and 2 women.
  • In the operation to contain the hostage situation, 3 army personnel, including 2 jawans and one officer lost their lives. However, the operation was completed successfully with all the 16 members being rescued.
  • The three terrorists were subsequently gunned down by the security forces. Their bodies have been recovered.
  • Combing operations would be rejuvenated in the morning to find leads indicating the origin of terrorists.
  • “After examination of terrorists bodies,3 AK 47,20 AK magazines,16 pistol rounds, 31 grenades and other war like stores recovered,” ADG BSF said.