New Delhi, Jan 11: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of designing policies which have further escalated the woes of aam aadmi, farmers and labourers of the nation. Rahul reiterated that PM Modi planned demonetisation to improve the financial conditions of banks, as well as waiving off the loans of ‘capitalists’ who allegedly enjoy proximity to him. Rahul further accused Modi government of undermining the institution of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), by allegedly infringing upon rights of the central bank while implementing the note ban.

Rahul did not refrain from dragging the Indian Army into his political rhetoric. Rahul accused the Prime Minister of insulting the armed forces by implying that the Indian Army has turned strong following the change of regime in Delhi.

‘Indian Army was always better than Israel’s’

“After politicising the surgical strikes of Indian Army, the Prime Minister said that our forces can now be compared with that of Israel’s. I want to ask him why is he disrespecting our veterans. The Indian Army was always better than that of Israel’s. Why are you (PM Modi) believing that the Army turned valourous after you came to power at Centre?”

‘PM Modi wants to dissolve the institution named as RBI’

Accusing the Prime Minister of dictating its command over the RBI while implementing the demonetisation drive, Rahul said, “This government wants to finish off the institution named as RBI. No government before has intervened in the monetary policy of RBI in this manner.”

‘Demonetisation instilled fear in common man’

“Modi said demonetisation is a surgical strike. Yes, it was a surgical strike on common man, labourers and farmers. Through note ban, the government has created fear among the common people. They are treating crores of people like black money holders. Did you find any criminal, black money hoarder in the lines outside the banks,” Rahul said.

“People of India need not fear anyone. There is nothing in the world which could instill fear in the hearts of Indians. The fear of BJP PM Modi would be contested by Congress. We would fight them with our symbol of hand, which signals – fearlessness.”

‘Real aim of demonetisation: Waiving off loans of top 1 per cent’

According to Rahul Gandhi, the real aim of demonetisation was to waive the loans of capitalists who are inclined towards the BJP. “They want to gift laddoos to Vijay Mallya and more like him. They want to waive off the loans of those big businessman who have turned wilfull defaulters. They have already waived off Rs 1,40,000 crores. For the remaining Rs 8,00,000 crores, they needed to plan something special. For that, they did this surgical strike on common man. The deposits which have surged in banks would now be used to waive off the loans of Modi ji’s corporate friends and improve the financial condition of banks.”

“I would like to quote a dialogue from Amitabh Bachchan’s movie Namak Halaal. ‘Aap ka hai yahi sapna, Ram Ram Japna, Gareeb ka maal hadapna’ (Your aim is to loot the wealth of poor in the name of Ram).”

‘Modi insulting the intellect of masses, feels only he can glorify India’

“Modi ji loves the past of India, and aims to make the future great. His message is that future of India lies in my hand. He wants people to sacrifice their ‘present’ before Modi, in order to allow him to make future great,” Rahul said, further adding, “But we defer. We feel that even today, India is great because of the hardworking professionals, technocrats, farmers and labourers. If Modi has his way, he would say that the mangalyaan  was not sent on moon by the ISRO efforts who have spent years for it. He would instead say that ‘Modi succeeded in doing this in merely 15 minutes.”